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I believe in my first existence I live in Egypt in a Place called Medinat Habu on the West Bank of Luxor. This page honours the Ancient Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.

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Ancient Egyptian- High Priestess who worked in the temples

Obelisk of Queen Hapshetsut, King's Valley, Luxor - Egypt @Julie Martinez - Love your pins! Thanks for stopping into #PinUpLive tonight

As the Egyptian goddess of the harvest, Renenutet (She Who Rears) was a deity particularly important to grape growers. This made Her a Goddess of Wine and led to many people sacrificing to Her during times of harvest. Also known as Lady of Fertile Fields and Lady of Granaries.

Valley of the Kings - KV 55 - Top - A seal with throne name of Amenhotep III; Bottom: A magic brick inscribed with the throne name of Akhenaten

Tomb of pharaoh Ramesses IV (KV2) is located low down in the main valley, between KV7 and KV1. It has been open since antiquity and contains a large amount of graffiti. Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Abu Simbel, Egipto. Emplazamiento arqueológico compuesto de templos egipcios ubicado en Nubia, al sur de Egipto. Los templos fueron excavados en la roca durante el reinado del faraón Ramsés II en el siglo XIII a. C., dedicados a dicho faraón y a su esposa Nefertari, para conmemorar su victoria en la batalla de Qadesh y mostrar su poder a sus vecinos nubios. Puse esta foto porque me gusta como se ven las esculturas talladas junto al agua.