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TEACH ME TO ABIDE by Russell Kelfer Oh, dear Father, precious Friend; Teach me to abide. Take me in your tender arms, There to safely hide. Let your heart flow into mine, Let my will subside. May your every joy be mine; Teach me to abide. 'Till our hearts but beat as one, Purge from me all pride. Oh, dear God, I've but one prayer: Teach me to abide.

One of the fastest growing dog sports is shed hunting. Tom Dokken introduced Lee and Tiffany to the sport and the Crush stars have found great shed success. (Courtesy

In a Tuesday, March 2, 2009 photo, dog trainer Tom Dokken rewards his 5-year-old Labrador retriever Rookie after the dog retrieved antlers hidden in the woods near Dokken's property in rural Northfield, Minn. Dokken has developed a training system to teach dogs to find shed antlers left by deer. (Ben Garvin/St. Paul Pioneer Press via AP)

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Five Best Personal Protection Dog Breeds


Get Outside, Mississippi, the land of the worst bigotry in America; love these loyal dogs though, but hunting is the sport of Rednecks, and their stupid guns, what reprobates!!

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