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    Original uncropped photo of Speakers Stand at Gettyburg. After close examination of this glass plate negative in 1952 by Josephine Cobb, this became the first and only known and proved photo of Lincoln at Gettyburg to deliver his historic speech. (see other photo of cropped detail of this photo of Lincoln in the crowd). Amazing detail and discovery!

    Prologue: Pieces of History » Rare photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg. Great detail zoomed in close of the only known photograph taken of Lincoln at Gettysburg from a long distance away. Outstanding detail.

    Amazing photograph of a very historical day with Troops marching in Gettysburg from the town towards the Memorial Cemetery for Mr. Lincoln to make history by giving his Gettysburg Address speech. He would perhaps be somewhere in the photograph or very near in the procession. *s*

    Lincoln family tree

    In 1956, on the game show I've Got A Secret, host Garry Moore brought on 96-year-old Samuel Seymour. Here's his secret: He was sitting in Ford's theater the night Lincoln was shot. He was 5 years old and remembered John Wilkes Booth bounding from Lincoln's box onto the stage. Here he is on television, describing what he saw.

    The #PoconoMtns is home to the famous, Lincoln Flag, which cradled Lincoln’s head the night he was assassinated. It is displayed at the Pike County Historical Society!

    Abraham Lincolns Last Day

    Room where Abraham Lincoln died, Petersen House, Washington, D.C.

    "Lincoln's Office in the White House" brings you into an exacting reproduction of Lincoln's White House office. As you enter, Lincoln has just unveiled to his cabinet his plans to issue an Emancipation Proclamation.

    Wedding day photograph of Abraham and Mary Lincoln, November 4, 1842 in Springfield, Illinois.

    Ralph C. Lincoln, 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham

    Robert Todd Lincoln - Son Of Abraham Lincoln At The Dedication Of The Lincoln Memorial On May 30, 1922

    In 1950, the interior of the Whitehouse was dismantled, leaving the house as a shell. It was then rebuilt using concrete and steel beams in place of its original wooden joists.

    Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, attending the dedication exercises at the Lincoln Memorial (May 30, 1922).

    Abraham Lincoln, 1860

    Daguerreotype of Lincoln and his family in front of the White House

    The original Hollywood sign

    Ford's Theatre, Washington., D.C. It was created between 1860 and 1865 by Mathew Brady.

    "The photo of Lincoln lying in an open coffin is the only one that exists. It was taken by photographer Jeremiah Gurney, Jr., on April 24, 1865, as the president’s body lay in state in City Hall in New York. It was immediately confiscated by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton (1814-1869) and was hidden away for 87 years until it was discovered in the Illinois State Historical Library in 1952, by then 15-year-old Ronald Rietveld, who was researching the papers of Lincoln’s personal secretaries."

    I've actually been in this cabin. It was neat to think Lincoln Lived there as a child. "My earliest recollection is of the Knob Creek place," Lincoln said of his boyhood home, a log cabin in Kentucky. The 30-acre farm is now a historic site.