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Trying real hard to keep it on the classy side of erotic art. This is a work in progress, a library of photos I've re-blogged, the occasional shot we've taken, or found on the internet. Let me know if...

Medium length hair could be sort of embarrassing, since it is not long enough to be braided or short enough to have a cool look. But it could also be funny and interesting to make a fantastic hair style for medium hair. Accessories accentua

It all started when a man in a dark pristine suit gave me an offer I couldn't resist. To have all the riches in the world, anything i wanted - the catch, I had to do the job that many nightmares are based upon. Well actually... I had to make them happen.

well this is my dream Click here to download By M-E-S-A art Click here to download Berlin Click here to download Getting the News by Anne Moore Linocuts, x block art Click here to download Beyond Banksy Project / Hyuro Click here to download