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True story since I'm short and my best friend is tall she has this problem

yup, i was half asleep at the doctors when they measured how tall i was, and the sleepiness caused me to slouch from my 6'1'' to 5'9'' and they came in 5 minutes later asking if i had taken my shoes off or not.

Kendra, 20 years old, theoriginaltgpFor all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure. Through all the teasing, feeling out of place & short hems, I'm finally coming.

If I had a dime for every time someone has said, "You're just as tall as my boyfriend! You're perfect guy-height!"

For Halloween you couldn't see my body so my friend said I was Austin, her imaginary boyfriend. I was fine with it tho😂

Tall Girl Problems: So Many are me... Stupid pants, can't hardly find ultra-talls anymore...

Tall Girl Problems: So Many are me. Stupid pants, can't hardly find ultra-talls anymore.

5'5 and I don't know how much I weigh but I don't care "At least I'm not as heavy as some people."

Tall Girl Problems tall-girl-problems - this is going to be my girls someday.

Tall Girl Problems?? Im not even that tall but ive been having a growth spurt and NO CLOTHES FIT NOT EVEN SOME OF THE NEW ONES

here's to not being able to buy pants without them being "longs" and never drying them in the dryer

I'm not even that tall but some of these apply. And they are hilarious!

Tall Girl Problem # 65 I had to switch lockers this year because of this, but the girl wasn't THAT short.

what's worse is when people tell me I can't wear them cus I'm tall. Ok, you can ONLY wear heels cus your short!

I wore heels today for the first time in.forever and a day and I'm pretty sure I was about 5 was the tallest person in class.I'm 11 and 5 feet tall. My mom is like and we both wear heels.

You can HEM pants, but you can't ADD length

YES. All of my jeans have always ended up being highwaters. But then I found a tall-people jeans store.