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my nurse face

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Just a moment Sir, I'm going to need to put my nurse face on before I deal with that shit.

Happy nurses week!

29 Reasons Every Nurse Deserves A Vacation

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Here's to all the ER nurses who convinced me I'm not dying after medical Web sites convinced me I was.

Just a moment, Ma'am... I need to put my Nurse Face on before I deal with this clusterfuck.

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Just a moment, Ma'am. I need to put my Nurse Face on before I deal with this clusterfuck.

Oh but kids will make you smile :)

Being a nurse is.I love this! Even though I've been promoted to "super nurse" this still applies.

Nurse eCard--Nurses Murphy Law: Your face doesn't itch all day until your gloved hands are elbow deep in unspeakable bodily fluids. So true.

So true! Had to have a friend/coworker scratch my nose for me because my gloves were covered in the unspeakable.

Nursing Ecard humor (lots of it)!

I got to pee three times today! --said no floor nurse ever. So so true! I would be stoked with more than one during my 12 hr shift. Just waiting for a UTI lol.

yeah we have to do it non stop with no breaks not this few days a year stuff , stop fussin'

Truth hurts but in the case of the funny nurse quotes listed here, it reminds nurses that their entire career can be as exciting as Forrest Gump’s box of

We feel soooo sorry for you guys on 9-5... NOT

You think Mondays are bad? Try working weekends, holidays, and 12 hour nights! Or all three at once. Oh the life of being a nurse.


Doesn't have to be an intern. ER docs get the same face on a daily basis!


You have very specific wants and needs when it comes to intimacy and relationships. 24 Truths Every Nurse Knows All Too Well