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  • Bridgett Melton

    Road Trip organized ~ great ideas

  • Kristi G T

    Road Trip packing! Great tips for packing the car for a road trip.

  • Ruth Cariani

    Organizing Made Fun: Road Trip packing! - great idea using recycling bins for kid stuff and snacks.

  • Michon Grissom

    Organized road trip tips. Maybe a little OCD but I'll be honest taking a car trip with kids need a little OCDness!

  • Colleen Weir

    Organizing Made Fun: Road Trip packing! This summer girls!

  • Kirstie Smith

    Road Trippin' - Kids require a lot to travel. Food, distractions, more food, entertainment, their favorite toy, clean-up, the list goes on. Don't worry mom, here is a list to get you organized for the road for virtually stress-free travel.

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