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Paris Hilton, American business woman who is also best known for her X rated tapes and flashing her boobies, again has flashed her breasts in the party where she is found crooning.

Hollywood has seen many with plastic surgery to uplift their positions both sexually and in career but it is believed that people liked only natural breasts and bums than fake ones. Here is a list of hollywood celebs with real and fake breasts & bums with their comparison.

Various forms of diet have been followed for years and here is the new diet followed by the Bootilicious socialite Kim Kardhasian called "the Sex diet". She was recently found on the Malibu Beach and said that the toned body is honed with the help of the now boyfriend Kayne West.

Kate Upton, who is just 19 years old with oomp things and also has been titled the Rookie of the Year in 2011 and featured in the cover of the 2012 Sports

Check out the images of bollywood's topless actress who have bared it all either for a cause or just for promotional actions.

On the occasion of Raksha Bhandan lets take a look at some of the famous Brother-Sisters relationships in the Bollywood world.

Joseph Kony, who is been listed in top list of world criminals, is the head of LRA ( Lord's Resistance Army) a Ugandan guerrilla group. Born in Gulu, Northern Uganada, lists no : 9 is the World's 10 Most Wanted criminals in the year 2011.