Warm Kitty... ♥♥♥

warm themselves

Tuna warmed up yet?

happiness is a warm blanket.

'I iz all warm in here'

Warm & Cozy

Warm & Cozy

Toasty warm

Warm & Cozy//

a warm spot for a nap

Cat Wars for the warm spot.--My friend thought putting a heating pad under the cat house was a nice thing to do. Little did my friend know the war she had just started. To the victor, goes the warm spot.

Keeping Warm with Mama❤

puddle of warm fluff

Things your cat wants for christmas

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur

Mmmmm warm Mac charger

Happiness is a warm butt! Hahahaha!

Warm and fuzzy holiday wishes!

12/2/2012 Found this pic when I searched "December Sun". I am so enjoying the warm, warm weather. It was great walking weather this weekend, unusual for this time of year.

Cats warming up by the Japanese heater