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Message to the manufacturers!this is SO true! Esp in the Mel house!and certain same phone types have chargers that don't "work".just wierd.

Like having McDonald's after you work out!

Funny pictures about Every time I see my crush. Oh, and cool pics about Every time I see my crush. Also, Every time I see my crush.

Rule of math: If it seems easy, you're probably doing it wrong.

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

Zoe has a low tolerance for #idiots, but living in this town idiots is all that are encountered; while in public, in multiples on the roadway.. They're everywhere! #stupid #people

Some people you know were dropped as babies. Others were clearly thrown in the air, hit the ceiling fan, bounced off the wall, and fell out the window.

I need to do this so bad right now. The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher ThePartyGoddess.com #quote #sad

We can't always keep calm and carry on. Sometimes we need to break down and cry our hearts out.

Since when is this true?

Now With More Meatballs

my room was clean but then I had to decide what to wear!!!

my room was clean but then I had to decide what to wear // everytime! I'll change room to closet


Funny pictures about Getting Closer Every Time. Oh, and cool pics about Getting Closer Every Time. Also, Getting Closer Every Time photos.

Families are the reason that God invented Bourbon.

Funny Family Ecard: Home is where you can say anything you want because nobody listens to you anyway.

LOL!! Yep! Comme l'a si bien montré Louis-José Houde dans De père en flic!

I really hate spider webs I`m always afraid that the spider got caught somewhere in my hair :P


What if the earth orbits the sun? What if your wife orbits my dick?

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Lazy Girl Problems is now Lazy Goat Problems. Because us goats are also pretty funny.