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Funny Flirting Ecard: I'm somewhat skeptical you're laughing out loud as much as you claim.

Like if your a fan of I’m somewhat skeptical you’re laughing out loud as much as you claim.

funny pictures - funny quotes - I just ran my first marathon this morning

Just kidding I'm on my cupcake. Just kidding I hate cupcakes. Just kidding I live for cupcakes. Just kidding I live for veggies. Just kidding veggies make me sick. Just kidding millennials make me sick.


Box Sign British Accent

Item Number: 27259 Material: Wood Dimensions: 4 x x 5 inches Primitives by Kathy box signs are made of wood with smooth sanded edges and deep sides which allow them to sit freely on a flat surface


Funny Reminders Ecard: I can tell by your sarcastic undertones, rude comments and sheer lack of common decency, that you and I could be best friends in no time.

One thing that has no problems... my stomach, way to work with a girl!

Funny Confession Ecard: Rather than go on a diet, I'm hoping to get some sort of horrible stomach ailment. I thought this now I can't put on weight be careful what you wish for the ailment really isn't worth it TRUST ME!


I don`t want to brag or make anybody jealous, but.I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.

Totally!!!!! @Breanne Greever @Michelle Hirsch

Story of my life. My sister, mom, and I love target lol

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I can cook, I like to clean, am an expert on sarcasm (think again maybe not) and raid through the Target clearance. Does that make me a super rare gem?

When someone yells "STOP"..best e-card ever! :) Hahahaha

When someone yells "STOP", I never know if its in the name of love, it’s Hammertime, or I should collaborate and listen… best e-card ever!