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Lol laxus wanting to marry mirajane||Fairy Tail|| just in case you don't know what it says|| first Slide: ....|| Second slide: Laxus: It's a new year already Master Makarov: And?|| Third slide: Laxus: I've been thinking.... Master Makrov: about?|| fourth slide: Laxus: Marrying Mirajane Master Makrov:* spits out booze* suprised

Actually really he isn't a real Dragon slayer. He was implanted with a Dragon slayer lacrima

Oh my! Poor laxus XD haha fairytail with a splash of Pokemon

Fairy Tail x Rave Master - I wish they'd make another episode of this...or even a whole series XD

Merry Christmas from Fairy Tail!! cr. Hiro Mashima's twitter account.

can you name every Fairy Tail character in this photo? i can. let's see: Erza Lucy Laxus Gray Gajeel Juvia Natsu

Natsu; Lucy; Gray; Erza; Gajeel; Wendy; Laxus; Juvia; Elfman; Mirajane; Jellal; Levy; Gildarts; Lisanna

I don't know who is funnier here. Gajeel or Wendy. It's like, Natsu-"I won!!" Cobra-"Not for long.." Laxus-"I'm not out yet.." Wendy-"help.." Sting-"How did this happen.." Rogue-"Gajeel.." Gajeel - *dying*

I've always loved Ur! xD She's great and I wish she never died. :(