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Mira Jane Can Burn People Better Than Natsu

Teach Me, Senpai <<< They set the paper on fire above his hand... You can tell because on the left side, it goes over the edge of the paper.

Frosch, Lector, Rogue, and Sting ~~ Fairy Tail

This picture happened. Someone drew this. Thank you stranger

Fairy Tail Amazing Hoodie Jacket on Etsy, $44.35 CAD

Fairy Tail facts another fun fact! gray stopped smoking after about the first 20 chapters or so!

Fairy Tail Lisanna: She looks like she could be in Ravenclaw! ^.^ I think she fits better in Hufflepuff.

Fairy Tail ♥. I love Fairy Tail so much. This is me whenever I talk about anime I get ignored but you know what screw those people, if they don't love me for who I am then fuck them

Fairy Tail - They would be a cute couple if NaLu wasn't so perfect