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    She looks like Ellie from Rave Master in that shot! I know they are supposed to look similar but man!


    Fairy Tail - Lucy Heartfilia -brand new episode today she got those clothes from Virgo. Love them!

    From @hiro_mashima on Twitter [Creator of Fairy Tail]

    Lucy Heartfilia- Battle 'armor' Fairy Tail

    Lol Taurus is on her shirt, and look at his face! You can see his perv -ness!!

    I LOVE the little Natsu he is so adorable and his shirt says Fired Up I'm sorry I don't know who drew this but whoever did you rock!

    But Lucy is strong. She grew up without a daddy. No one but those of us who have gone through similar experiences understand how truly strong Lucy is.

    Fairy Tail, Lucy. A lot can be said about her, but her smile is always genuine.