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via 真島ヒロ (hiro_mashima) a Twitteren #FairyTail

Lol Taurus is on her shirt, and look at his face! You can see his perv -ness!!

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Lucy Heartfilia- Battle 'armor' Fairy Tail

  • Brooke Ashley

    Battle... Or bake yknow.. Whatever lol

  • Brooke Ashley

    And some bits is what I meant...

  • Zia Randid

    Who cares what girls fight in? The battles are the interesting part, not the wardrobe.

  • Lexi Roeback

    C'mon people! Fan service is just fan service! I think some of you are getting a little too worked up about this lol I mean honestly both guys and girls are given fan service in anime. It's just the way it is. I don't care for it either but I just choose to ignore it or laugh because anime is for entertainment :-)

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But Lucy is strong. She grew up without a daddy. No one but those of us who have gone through similar experiences understand how truly strong Lucy is.

  • Ally

    Wendy is going to be stronger than Lucy, Levy, and about as strong as Gajeel and Natsu as she learns more and more!! Can't wait to see her in dragon force mode!!

  • Siobhan

    I think she'll be just as strong as Lucy and levy who are both very underrated characters

  • Ally

    I hope Levy uses solid script more often, so ppl realize she's pretty darn effective

  • Jaiya Papaya

    People always complain that Lucy is so weak and useless. If Lucy wasn't there, where would the plot go? She's the biggest driving point for the story. I don't care if she can't destroy a town like Erza or Wendy could. She's already a great character. Not all characters have to be strong physically.

  • Ally

    I hope Wendy gets stronger and stronger like Natsu, because everyone underestimates her because she's so young, when later on she gets SUPER strong!!

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Lucy Heartfilia - News - Bubblews

Lucy is not the little crying girl she use to be. She is stronger she has changed.

Lucy Heartfila even if she seems to annoy me on those rare occasions I have to say she's real spiffy. Lol

Lucy dernier episode a crocus . Retrouvez nos mages sur fairy tail .