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    Gray Fullbuster by on @DeviantArt

    Gray and Natsu


    Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Fairy Tail. Why don't you join Fairy Tail? *_* I will!!!!

    Gray :D

    Fairy Tail: Mavis is superman. Haha!

    Who ever watches Fairy Tale with get it .

    fairy tail genderbend | natsu, erza, gray

    Sweet dragon necklace that fits Grey to a T and helps supports his characters manliness. If your interested in buying this just look up (Fairy Tail Necklace FLNL3800) and it will be yours today!

    Igneel and Natsu from Fairy Tail. I made a mistake before :P

    i am titania- erza fairytail The lyrics are from "titanium," a song that I LOVE and that made me think of erza!

    #Fairy Tail

    Gray and Natsu, Fairy Tail

    did someone take gray?!

    i was immediately distracted when i saw the words "Ice Boy" I could just hear Newton Pittman's (Gray Fullbuster DUB) voice in my head shouting "DONT CALL ME THAT!" like when Sugarboy kept calling Gray "Ice Boy" in Edolas lmao

    Gray and Juvia

    Q: Who would you like to date in Fairy Tail A from ALL of my friends: GRAY!!! Me: Why? A: Have you seen his body?!?! In plus, he is actually quite sensible... Me: Okay!

    We should kill the shadows? by on @DeviantArt

    Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail - Gray, Natsu, Juvia and Lucy