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Amish man with summer hat - Ordnung rules state males are to wear hats when outside. Black is for the winter, straw color is for the warmer months. Amish are prohibited from wearing jewelry, not even wedding rings can be worn. Other symbols (beards for men, and black bonnets for women) are used, in lieu of rings, to represent marital status.

While I'd never take their picture, as they don't like nor want it.. I do love seeing the little Amish kids in the buggies, in Lancaster, PA. They're adorable.

Amish Country, Ohio - When we lived in Kirtland, Ohio, we were next door to the Amish and Menonite people. Handmade Amish certified barnstars sale $13.45 At products are made by real local Amish families and a portion of all proceed goes directly towards those families in need. For detail about Amish furniture, amish barnstar, amish lifestyle please visit