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The loved dog : the playful nonaggressive way to teach your dog good behavior

"When my feet patter to my front door, I can already hear my sweet Lilly getting so excited that she’s now squeaking. The best part of my day is knowing that I get to come home to my best friend. As soon as I open the door she has a magical way of making me forget all my worries. We always joke that Lilly’s dream job is one day to become a Walmart greeter. She’s everybody’s best friend, a kind soul, and spunky little firecracker. She’s my sidekick in life and nothing will compare to the…

Sharing is Caring! ScicSailing: A big thank you to everybody who pressed 'sharing' and ‘like’ for us on FB last year! This year we hope you can ‘share’ the news re ScicSailing with your friends as well! Our use of FB, Twitter, Instagram and G+ will always keep you abreast of all that’s happening! We wish you a very good 2017 enjoying the best of health and fun. - Tel +31(0)629063180

Meet The Life-Saving Heroes Of Code Black

Day 19 - Hope everybody has/had a good day :) I've enjoyed it.. But I'm realllly tired and still not feeling the best physically, I'm a tired nugget. I'm the one in the glasses. U.S, if you wanna access pre-sale tickets for our 2016 tour first, get SGFG on our webstore. Pre ordered from somewhere else? Go here ->

My thought: Hiccup has one of these ridden on Berk. Everybody knows where it is so that if anything happens to Hiccup, Toothless can still fly