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15 natural beauty recipes using everyday foods

15 Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods

15 Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods Brown Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub This is probably my favorite one. Brown sugar exfoliates the skin ridding the pores of all dirt, oil and dead skin cells causing blemishes. Honey is naturally antibacterial,

Solutions For Large Pores,how to avoid/rid, homemade face remedies...great even if you don't have large pores! -LJ

Pennis Enlargement - Solutions For Large Pores,how to avoid/rid, homemade face remedies.great even if you dont have large pores! -LJ - How To Increase Your Penis Size Naturally Without Surgery, Pills, Suction Devices Or Crazy Contraptions!

52 ways to use Coconut Oil its magic - if this is true, it truly is a magic concoction

52 ways to use Coconut Oil its magic - if this is true, it truly is a magic concoction

Experimental Beauty: Coconut Oil for Dieting, Moisturizing & Wellness - 52 ways to use it - POSHGLAM - Global Luxury Fashion, Celebrity Style

How to Increase Blood Circulation to the Face

How to Increase Blood Circulation to the Face

30 Beauty Tips: Get Rid of Acne for Smooth Skin: Try any (or all!) of these expert tips and tricks to get the clear, radiant skin you’ve always wanted.

Lotion bars like the ones they sell at Lush!  Easy. Inexpensive. Luxurious. Equal parts cocoa butter or shea butter, bees wax, and baby oil.  Add fragrance of choice.  Wrap in cellephane bag and tie with ribbon and tag.

I love lotion bars from Lush, going to try this. How to Make Homemade Lotion Bars: Equal parts of: shea butter or cocoa butter beeswax coconut oil (or any vegetable oil, such as avocado, almond, etc.

Homemade Sugar Scrub 6oz mason jar, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of white sugar, cover with olive oil + an extra 1/2 inch. Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract or any essential oils or scent.

4 Ingredient Sugar Scrub

Homemade Sugar Scrub: Equal parts brown sugar and white sugar (ends up being about cup each for a 6 oz. jar) Fill to the top with olive oil (cover the sugars and then maybe an extra inch) Add about Tbs of vanilla extract. You could also add essential oils

Having pale skin left me embarrassed and not wanting to go to the beach, during the summer. After using this sunless lotion for a few days my skin looks dark and feels soft.

Body Nutritive Serum Have you ever wondered how important it is to nourish your skin for tanning purposes?


For a lush, super-green lawn.remember for Spring ~ Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and spray your lawn. Epsom salt is loaded with magnesium!

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe for Glowing Skin, Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Dark Circles @larisanilow7

25 Simple Homemade Tips For Anti-Aging

Le soleil est un allié qui peut également devenir dangereux. Apprenez à réaliser une protection solaire maison avec des ingrédients naturels !

Protection solaire maison : comment la préparer ?

You'll be surprised how many beauty uses coconut oil can be put to! From homemade blush to body scrubs, coconut oil is a great ingredient to use for beautiful skin. Find beauty uses for coconut oil.

10 DIY Beauty Products We Love From Pinterest | Beauty High

10 DIY Beauty Products From Pinterest You Need to Try

DIY Cooling Cucumber Face Toner : "This toner is very mild and works well for all skin types. Cucumber is great for soothing and softening skin because it has the same pH as healthy skin.

Hello gorgeous face without the crazy expensive cost! Looks and feels like it the name brand expensive masks! Make your own high end copy cat mud mask! Makes awesome gifts too!

Make Your Own Stephora Style Mud Mask

Skip the expensive department store face masks for this AMAZING mud mask that…

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects

35 "life changing" things to try! I've never heard of some of these! Pin now; Read Later *To refresh dry mascara. just a couple of drops of saline solution.