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love is... when he finds you irrisistable...

Love is... hugging his photograph when he's away. (by Kim Casali, conceived by and drawn by Bill Asprey)

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soul mates.


with lots of cuddle time!

all the time

All the time!

I need this all the time!

love is... making sacrifices...

We've traveled a long way

...someone who adores the skin you're in.

I used to cut these out of the paper all the time when I was in college. My mom would save them for me. Love, Love, Loved them!!

Love Is...how his voice brightens your journey to work. (by Kim Casali, conceived by and drawn by Bill Asprey)

Love Is... Trying not to wake her when you have to go to work early

Never will you find anyone who loves and cares about you more than me... You are the love of my life and I never take a single moment with you for granted...

Love is... being his calendar girl for every month of the year.

Healthy balance between being together and having some "me time". This is true I understand this kimmie.

...all the time... <3

...a day to yourselves.