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  • Formamentees

    Nigella Lawson's workspace. #books #writer #foodwriter #nigellalawson #workspace #inspiration

  • erma flora

    Nigella Lawson in her library Office Books

  • Carmen Smith

    My Dream Room!!! Ahhhhhhhhh such a comfy, wonderful library which belongs to Nigella Lawson...can you even begin to imagine the aroma of books wafting about in this room? Heaven!

  • Felicity

    Nigella Lawson's home library. Books AND food! Heaven!

  • Terri Sinclair

    Nigella Lawson in her library - my house was like this until my Nook and our last move when I was finally "urged" to give my books up...I didn't have a library like Nigella...but this is HEAVEN right?

  • Krista Vancophsky

    dream library space / Nigella Lawson

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The lively Nigella Lawson provides beautiful insight on how to be a domestic goddess. This book has been a go to in my kitchen for years. Nigella is a real woman, with a no gimmick approach to eating, loving it and sharing it with those you love.

When I was little I use to dream to have a library like the one from The Beauty and the Beast ...

Nigella Lawson in her library, by Lourdes. I love this. I might not be able to cope with my books on the ground, but the rest of space just looks made for writing wonderful things and inspiring wonderful thoughts.