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What's Your Mermaid Name?

I did this a while ago for fairy names and it was SO MUCH FUN I just couldn't go excluding mermaids, now could I? Find out what your mermaid name is! For example, my mermaid name would be Sandy Whalefriend

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Tensa Forgetting. Sounds accurate. My derpy wolf name is Tensa B. Forgetting.

I'm Howling Howling and my sister is Demon Demon, must be a family thing<<< what a coincidence, I’m howling demon

What is your Fairy name? [Mine is Glitter Forest ]

What is your Fairy name? [Mine is Glitter Forest ] Flower Storm

The Ugly Fairy of the Shadows. I ain't even mad, bro- that's freaking badass.:

The savage unicorn of the east so accurate because I ham a unicorn: