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National Geographic photo of the year

National Geographic photo of the year - 9GAG

JiHAE, who plays a ground controller and astronaut on National Geographic's "MARS," is now a "space geek" thanks to the series.

How to Become a Nat Geo Photographer

We often get asked what it takes to be a National Geographic photographer. Here's the answer from our Director of Photography.

Photo of the year by National Geographic's Bob Burton. Amazing

The Question Photo by Hari Bhagirath (National Geographic) | Passivity is the same as defending injustice. Despite measures taken by the Government of India, the number of children born and raised in the streets are on a steady rise. Most of them are denied education and are forced to beg or work at an early age. Most of them are subjected to violence and sexual assaults even before their early teenage.

100 Years of National Geographic Maps: The Art and Science of Where

The November 1988 map of Mount Everest, which took four years to produce, relied on a high-resolution camera carried on the Columbia space shuttle and 160 overlapping aerial images taken from a Learjet flying at 40,000 feet to map 380 square miles of the region.