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Chocolate and Vanilla Sayori Neko Works | loulouyume-chan » Photos » Sayori neko works » Chocolat & Vanilla

Tags: "black hair" "blue eyes" "brown eyes" "brown hair" "butterfly" "dress" "flower" "happy" "headdress" "high heels" "jewelry" "long hair" "nail polish" "neko mimi" "pink hair" "ribbon" "skirt" "smile" "tail" "thigh highs" "twin tails" "white hair" Source: "Neko Paradise" Characters: "Chocola" "Vanilla" Old Characters: Chocola, Vanilla Artist: "Sayori"

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Chocolate and Vanilla Sayori Neko Works | Bonjour!! Je suisNeko-Léo et je suis une fa n deneko commeApple-Chu ...