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This is the perfect lazy Sunday around the house outfit (lazy day around the house outfit?? B*tch please I wear crazy socks and pjs for a lazy day)

10 Easy Dinner Recipes

Great for Saturday movie night!!! Deep Dish Pizza Casserole Recipe ~ Homemade deep dish pizza made so easily at home in a casserole dish!

The Best Fashion Designers Become Interior Designers

“If you love beauty, it’s because beauty lives within you. If you love art, it’s because you are creative. If it wakes up your heart, a receptor for it already exists within you. Your soul is drawn to the things that will help you unfold your most...

You know I don't think thinking is loving...but loving is loving. And I love *you*...but I also think you're really wonderful too.

15 Fragrances For When You Just Want To Smell Clean

Imagine lounging in freshly laundered, 800-thread-count sheets, as the sun glints through your floor-length linen curtains. From your balcony, you feel a soft breeze ruffle a lush garden of white flowers below. Sounds dramatically poetic, but it's exactly what this cocktail of lily of the valley, white musk, patchouli oil, and aldehyde smells like. #refinery29