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What are these bugs eating my brussel sprouts?

Brussels Sprouts with Maple Syrup & Walnuts

The Best Brussels Sprouts Recipe - only because we have them from the garden. . .

GENIUS!!! A lovely, tasty twist for dill pickles that I've discovered is Brussells sprouts. The cruciferous taste goes well with the garlic, dill and jalapeno used in my Spicy Frog Balls.

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We just love Brussels sprouts and we were out at a nice restaurant recently and they had caramelized Brussels sprouts on the menu and we got really excited. We asked if they were cooked in butter (yes), and requested to have them cooked in olive oil instead. They said they couldn’t do it. We were bummed, but not for long. I decided to …

Brussels Sprouts plants grow best when planted for a fall harvest. Detailed growing tips for planting them in your fall vegetable garden.