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    I was supposed to be a volleyball player... had I done so I probably would still be playing JV as a junior. By taking my own path I've swam varsity all three years and I could possibly make captain next year. Heck yes it's worth it.

    Oh my God this is exactly me! And then other times my coach puts me first and i dont know the interval haha

    A swimmers secret

    How much water they swallow on a given day. | 27 Struggles Only A Swimmer Can Understand

    Even after 14+ years of competitive swimming i still feel like im drowning after a 50!

    Competitive swimming inspiration quote

    If you feel like you can hardly breath it's just right. And for end of season competition if you feel like you need help getting it on its perfect!

    85 Arricles on Swimmimg Workouts, Technique, Exercise and Health Benefits, Famous Swimmer Biographies, etc. Swimming is a competitive and recreational sport in which participants use various motions to move their bodies through water. Swimming is one of the best exercises.

    Youth sports should be fun, not work. This pic is of a swimmer's back. It's common practice to write your event/heat/lane info on you with a sharpie. The kids then get creatively competitive as with "eat my bubbles". :)

    Actually most competitive swimmers wont even go to a pool to just hang out


    liac swimming | Welcome to Long Island Swimming

    Long Island Swim School

    i am a fish stuck on land :)

    USA Swimming- so many years I dedicated to it!!! Keep it going


    Swimming legends.

    All of them will be in swimming

    True or blue ✤


    Just keep swimming


    It's getting there!!!

    By far, especially my breastroke breathing face.... Tilted to the side and gasping for air,

    Florida Swim Network - National Training Center