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:'( this is so sad! Why am I even pinning it? I think Fili's death was the most shocking, and sudden. I didn't expect or want him to die so soon!

Winter hunting of Dwarves by evankart on deviantart

Fili and Kili

Thorin and Kili by evankart on tumblr

Yes Thorin. Two nephews. TWO.

Baby Fili by Comsical on deviantart

Ah... okay...

Okay, I'll admit, they really do look alike

Fili in the boat pushing-off scene

Dwalin and the babys

Baby Kili by Comsical on deviantart

Fili at the wall gif

Fili looks like he's kissing the wood in the first frame of this gif...

Smile by evankart on tumblr

Kili over Fili

The Brothers' Journey, There and Never Back Again


Fili's tears by Kimi-Kiiro on deviantart