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Honestly I never thought I'd fall in love again. I didn't know it would/could happen so fast. I've know him for years and yes our relationship is so complicated and distance keeps us from each other but that doesn't mean anything. When he's here I'm taken by his hazel eyes and his long eyelashes and the way he whispers my name "..Amanda" it sounds exactly how he tastes <3 I love my best friend. I love my hero. I love my infantryman <3

"The Rosary is the most beautiful and richest of all prayers to the Mediatrix of all grace; it is the prayer that touches most the heart of the Mother of God. Say it each day." -Pope Saint Pius X The Rosary-A beautiful sign of a pure heart, body, and soul. I look up to Our Lady so much to be chaste for my future husband!

Serotonina “No concordaban mucho. De hecho, casi nunca concordaban. Siempre se peleaban. Y se retaban uno al otro cada día. Pero a pesar de sus diferencias, tenían algo importante en común. Estaban locos el uno por el otro”. -Nicholas Sparks (The notebook).