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I want to live in a real life fairy tale, here is my forest cottage... I am a good witch...

Ok this is amazing! An actual tree stump house! Who wouldn't want this as a secret den at the bottom of the garden! I would make it some kind of outdoor library/studio space. me and zack are finally living the hobbit dream!

Bag end le seigneur des anneaux

Bilbo Baggin's hobbit hole, Bag End, in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy

Stunning Hobbit Home Miniature Buildings Interior Round Door

Why make a boring normal doll house when you can make a Bag End doll house? Maddie Chambers started this epic Hobbit hole by building a hill with a (round, of

Daily Colours : Fairy Houses - Moss Fairy House

Tutorial from "Daily Colours : [adorable!] Fairy Houses - Moss Fairy House" but looks like for indoor use only given that the base is toilet paper roll!

Would love to visit the Shire ;)

Hobbiton (film set) Matamata NZ The Shire where hobbits from J.Tolkien Lord of the rings lived

This is a place I'd love to rent for a vacation! A Hobbit hole, yeah!

the ULTIMATE curb appeal...I could so live in the Shire

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Hobbit House entrance, New Zealand.We can't live in a hobbit hole here.but I think I'll make a hobbit hole playhouse for the kids

Hobbit House, Rotorua, New Zealand

Most Beautiful Storybook Cottage Homes

Love hobbits and hobbit houses! It would be so cool to live in a hobbit house! Hobbit House, Rotorua, New Zealand

Hand Assembled Bespoke Fairy Lodge

38 Faboluos DIY Fairy Garden Ideas and Accessories To Add Some Magic To Your Home

A tutorial on making this little house with sticks and glue gun. Juise: A Home for the Faeries - DIY Fairy Gardens

Adding some moss

Interior:Techniques To Creat And Bonsai Design With Carefully Working And Small Calmp The Enchanting Bonsai, the Best Replica of Tolkien’s F.