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Virgos have a lively mind that is constantly thinking and can never truly be hushed. This is the main reason why I cannot sleep at night.

absolutely true and my friends say I'm pathetic... they don't understand a virgo

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How interesting! I never knew that one could describe me so perfectly in just a few lines. I know my place of safety. I'll let you know in a few minutes. I'm feeling a little jittery, and I need a drink of - water. Be right back.

As a Virgo, you work hard to find your position in the world. You stay in your place of safety to revive and protect yourself from the stress of everyday life.

In an attempt to form arrangement, Virgos may go overboard with obsessive habits that may look neurotic to a stranger.

so very true.

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"Virgo Weakness: At times, the need for perfection gets in the way of enjoying things." Story of my life.

♍️ @virgolover_123

♍️ @virgolover_123

This is so creepy....I've been told by many people that I'm analytical. My birthstone is sapphire. My favorite color is blue. My lucky number is 5...creepy...and accurate....

Virgo this is crazy, for element im probably more water but ive been baptized in a forest and my middle name is "rainbow" in my language so makes sense but its so true about the number! I always said my lucky number was 5 and now i see this its so cool!