We plan on surprising the children with bunk beds! Just ordered some from here.

Colorful wood bunk beds

Cool bunk bed idea

This Etsy shop has the cutest baby clothes! #babyclothes. For future baby gifts. #baby #baby

tiny top-siders. oh my heart!

I love that the clothes are hung on the bottom so when they are old enough, the little ones can help pick out and put away!

SALE/NewbornChild Knit/ Camo/Green/Yellow John Deere by pinkiebows, $10.00

The Nintendo Gameboy Baby Clothes are Adorable and Dorky #design #baby boy #cute kid #lovely kid| http://cute-baby-lindsay.blogspot.com

I bet my oldest son would love this!


Cutest Homemade Costumes for Babies {via Costume-Works.com}

40 Gross motor activities that will definitely get the kids moving. Gotta wear them out somehow!

Question for you guys – do your kids put away their own laundry? I recently mentioned in my post on our Kids’ Responsibility & Money Management Kit that my 4 and 5 year old get themselves dressed, brush their own teeth and make their own breakfast each morning and have been doing so for over …

extra chores to earn money

Boy's room.


Cute DIY dollhouse bunk bed with storage in the steps and plenty of room for toys inside. 2013 TOH Dont Buy It, DIY It! Contest. | thisoldhouse.com/yourTOH

Kid crafts- a fun way to keep track of kid's chores around the house!

DIY baby swing

I want to do something like this on the wall for my future kids!

toddler's room, framed clouds.