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♥ this is perfect and so true. You should want to improve who you already are because the person you love deserves it. Not change who you are because they don't like things about you.

I never expected to find someone like you. You sweep me off my feet. I fall so hard for you. You have challenged me in every which way. To be a better person, to work harder, to never give up on the one that you love.

I hope I'm blessed enough to find a good man for my Daughter & myself <3 I may have found the man of my dreams, Chris 💖

Spread the love and follow Relationship Quotes for Quotes.larry you make me happy in ever way and the kisses were the best. Oxoxokt

" Every LOVE STORY is BEAUTIFUL, but ours is my FAVOURITE" #lovequotes #lovethoughts #lovestatus

Never Love Anybody who treats you like you're ordinary. Inspiring Advice. Oscar Wilde. Quote.

This is so me. I wasn't really expecting anything - just starting a part time job, no biggie, Id done it before... And then all of a sudden he was there, and while it took us both a while to admit it, it was worth the wait a thousand times over. <3

Blessed beyond measures regardless of my circumstances b/c I know life could be a whole lot worse <3

@Nancy Macedone Stephen haha Best Friends, Love You, Valentine Day, Things, Drill Platform, Favorite, Anniversaries Card... - Love Quotes

Wise words from a wise woman. this quote is now a part of my life. i love love love it

So so true. If you took a chance falling in love, always choose to make it work. If you don't, then you're just choosing to fall out of love