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  • Kristen

    DIY swimming pool WHAT A COOL IDEA! Hay bales?? Stuccoed with doughboy liner??

  • Rosi Hughes

    How To Build A Hay Bale Swimming Pool. This is hilarious. I think I want to do this and have a redneck pool party

  • Marilyn McCarty

    diy hay bale swimming pool, fun for a pool party when you don't have a pool :)

  • Miss Abby

    Country Pool Party Haha! Awesome diy temporary pool! Hay bale pool

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way cool pool. I love how it is both kinda indoors and out. Handy for people who dont like swimming in the rain. (unlike me :D )

This is actually a pool ... Designed to look like a river or pond. I wantie!

Swimming #pool that looks like a pond, complete with a swing.

Beautiful natural swimming pool. Oh give this to me!!!! I need a pool!

Swimming Pool that looks like a Pond, Complete with Swing. This would be perfect for my wooded back yard.

Swimming pool that blends naturally and seamlessly. Seems to have "sprung" up naturally from the rocks.

too shady, but i like the rock edge to the pool and the foreground flowers

Natural Pools or Natural Swimming Ponds instead of all the heavy chemicals the others use!