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16 Pugs That Love To Hug!

after all these reading trying to understand seo I will need to hug a puppy. #cutecritter

PLEASE don't pick me up and try to play me like an accordion !!!! (repinned beecause of the funny comment above)

Pug- I'm sad will u make me happy" you- yes and I'm starting with making you happy so here's a bone, treats and dog food! Pug- thank you sooooo much I wov u I wov u I wov u

Oh my... I'm so not the kinda girl that carries small dogs, but this one, omg in a coach bag. Look at dat wittle face!


It would make sense that Pottermore placed me in Hufflepuff if we're looking at this as dogs. My little pug would be so proud. Of course, what would my cocker spaniel say?