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Theories of Learning. Connectivism: A new type of learning for the digital age

Best & the Worst Study Habits for all Types of Learners - Campusbooks

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INFOGRAPHIC: This Is How Your Memory Works

This Is How Your Memory Works. Follow all our boards at for our latest therapy pins

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Las 7 C para una comunicación efectiva #infografia #infographic

Many people claim "communication" is essential to leadership, but what does that mean? Explore the 7 C's of Effective Communication-



This 4-page laminated guide covers the basic principles of psychology for introductory courses. It includes information on sensation, perception, memory, personality, abnormal behavior and much more. Browse and download thousands of educational eBooks, worksheets, teacher presentations, practice tes

6 Types of Blended Learning

A visual guide to every single learning theory. This concept map is elaborate and downright incredible. Robert Millwood built this behemoth and you should be sure to head over to his site to thank him and learn more about the Holistic Approach to Technology Enhanced Learning (HoTEL). In any case, this detailed analysis and chart of every single learning theory is worth zooming in and studying.

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Is it Possible to Learn Spanish in Just 10 Days?

How to learn a foreign language in 10 - infographic from Thomas Cook-strategies to apply any learning.

30 Simple Ways You Should Be Using Google. So useful! I am always forgetting how much google can actually do. For those days when I'm in a hurry or don't feel like sifting through the web to find a new tool, I'll just use google for the basics. And the neat thing is that I know it is a safe resource to introduce to my students as well.

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Understanding Your Student's Learning Style: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Read Understanding Your Student's Learning Style: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and learn more about Howard Gardner's 7 multiple intelligences that meet the needs of the learning styles of the students in your class. Incorporate the various multiple intelligences into future lesson plans to maximize learning for all learners.

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Events in Instruction- Event #9

Retention and learning