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#SheQuotes on suffering. It's hard to deal with our own pain and suffering, it takes courage and fortitude to do so. But our own pain and suffering pale in comparison to...

You are the strongest person I have ever known you were taken in the blink of an eye no good bye I wasn't ready for your loss I miss you everyday I wish you where hear

Top 40 Quotes about moving on

Secure, at home, needed, wanted, important.... are all feelings, but the one that needs to be the utmost present is "CARED FOR" by the other person in your relationship. If YOU are not feeling CARED FOR, you need to re-think this and talk about it.

Saffy moved toward me and I stepped back, pushing myself against the wall. "Bracey, now that Bronx is gone.." She began, staring into my eyes. I blinked down at her. "What?" I asked dumbly. She stood on her toes, so her lips were about level with mine. "I've always, liked you." She sighed. I pushed her away. "Saf, it's not real. You just miss him. That's all." I whispered, hoping it was true. -Rory Lee