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To all the girls out there!

bitch quotes - Google Search

You think all my posts are about you. That's cute but you can relax sweetie. You're nott the only stupid bitch I know!

Got me all the way fucked up cx

I don't play bout my best friend 💯👊🏽

Hahahaha duhhhhh bitch.  You wish you could be like me. Copycat.  You'll never be as bad as I am.

Bitch, I know.

Cause we know your ass has one friend and she's a convicted felon!! What? Y'all playing board games again??? Bahahaha

She aint got one. Get a life bitch and STFU.

Keep calm bitch.

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So true tho ;

And a woman who goes back to domestic violence apparently....what a girl with a mind huh?

Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitute, a lady with class. -Rihanna - Definition of "BITCH" - Babe In Total Control of Herself

She tried to take my place but that didn't work out the way she wanted! Nice try cunt!!!

LOL but it still tries ever so hard ~ copy ~ copy ~ fake ~ fake ~ silly lil bitch

My ex bitch did it, umm like if i give any fucks  congratz on your prize hoe

22 Faces All Muslims Will Recognise

Mad hoe

Females be beefing over nothing

These days that is what you get. Be careful who you are sarcastic with.

Run out into the street & play chicken !

Hate to break it to u...Once more.  Let me remphasize N E V E R

Coming from the copy cat Cunt herself its pretty funny.

Playing with the meme generator lol, not too bad for my first one if i do say so myself lol Shakeology.com/charmullaney16

How coffee transforms me every morning.

HAHAHAHA def the face I make while Im thinking to myself still talking about me. Just can't get over me lol don't blame you.

Eeeeeeveryday lol same shit too. Can't some up with anything else to say. Give it up honey, he don't believe your pathetic little lies.