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his hands are fidgeting in front of him, and he looks at me with curious silver eyes. his black hair is stirred to wisps around his face by the wind. he looks new. he looks optimistic; that'll soon change, sadly.

We want the creatives of tomorrow to have a voice. Atlas Magazine is an inspirational and promotional fashion magazine for the new generation of fashion creatives.

Me, I'm Alyssa Shelasky. I'm a writer. Most of my work is found in New York Magazine, Bon Appetit, Cosmo, People, Fathom, and Ultratravel. You can read my life story (plus recipes) in Apron Anxiety:...

It was from a beam falling. His hand had taken the bulk of it, saving his own head and the bag of supplies. The woman said it was a miracle it was not broken, but he had just winced.