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A list of powerful free software downloads. These free computer programs can be used for graphics editing, file storage, computer security and more.

‪#‎TechSupportTip‬ - 01 Is your computer too slow? a. First, verify that your machine is the actual source of the problem. Videos that seem to buffer forever, and websites that take ages to load, may not be your computer’s fault. it’s actually not the computer, [but] their broadband connection.See “Downloads are taking forever” below for instructions on how to use to diagnose a slow connection. Visit for more information

How I Got a $2,500 Custom Computer for under $800

Have you ever wondered if it would just be cheaper to build your own computer? This is my experience with having a custom computer made specifically for my needs. If you are looking for a computer that has features beyond a basic desktop, building one can save you a ton of money. Click to read about my experience and why I have no regrets!

How to make a full backup of a Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 PC

There is no such as thing as too many backups. If you can make a backup of the backup, do it. Luckily, Windows makes it super easy to make an exact copy of your entire computer using the System Image Backup utility. Never used it before? We'll explain what it does and how to use it. What is image backup? The image backup feature in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 includes a bit-by-bit...

You don't need to buy a utility suite. You just need what Microsoft brought to the party, plus a couple of freebies, to keep Windows humming along.