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Durians in a private durian orchard, Balik Pulau


Durian Fritters


Durian Cream Crepe





Durian chicken

Red Durian.

Durian...King of Fruits

Penang Durian Tour

10 Amazing Benefits of Durian Fruit

Penang Apong Balik - Penang Nyonya Pancakes

Singapore! The magical durian...smells like hell, tastes like heaven! Not to me! Taste the same as it smells!

Love these! When I was a kid the made a Hong Kong city mall and I was exposed to tons of yummy asian food. This is one of them.

Garlic Noodles and Roasted Crab

Mouth-watering ginger and scallion crab.

Popiah (Fresh Spring Rolls): Popiah (薄餅) is a type of fresh spring rolls commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore, Medan, and Taiwan. Filled with shredded vegetables and more, Popiah is a popular street food in Malaysia. It’s also one of the popular dishes served at home; the concoction is especially fun and rewarding if shared with friends and family. #appetizer

Bak Kua (Malaysian Jerky): Certain food brings back nostalgic memories of the bygone times and the tastes linger in one’s mind and transcend time, for example: bak kua (肉干) or Malaysian version of jerky–little squares of dry-treated meat charcoal-grilled to perfection, with flavors so sublime words can’t even begin to describe.