How to Cook Chorizo in the Microwave

by Jonathan Croswell
Chorizo is a type of pork sausage that is rarely stuffed into casings for cooking. Instead, the sausage is formed into meatballs, chorizo patties or added to various foods, such as chili. Chorizo is very flavorful and sometimes features a lot of spice; it is usually cooked in a pan on a stovetop. Bu...
  • Ardith

    Microwave Chorizo Sausage... Fully thaw before cooking. Cover with paper towel. Microwave til brown then transfer to another cooking method, -OR- Fully cook 4 oz. for about 4-6 minutes til meat thermometer shows an internal temp of 160*F. Crumble it to help it thoroughly cook faster. Add cook time as needed, and continue microwaving til middle of meat is heated, then remove from the microwave.

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Mimi's Bacon Apple Waffle (pic only)... Three golden brown petite waffles topped with apples, hickory-smoked bacon, syrup and a hint of orange zest.

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