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  • Green Plant

    Jessica Covarrubias- nuestra idea por el momento es crear un tipo de jardinera como este estilo y al mismo tiempo estaríamos reciclando el tubo y así cuidando nuestro ambiente, nuestro sistema de ruego sería atravez de unos pequeños tubos de plástico que irían por adentro y gotearía cada determinado tiempo

  • Chiara Caramore

    Giardino con tubo in PVC

  • Saray Muñoz

    Jardinera reciclando tubos de pvc | Muy Ingenioso

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PVC Strawberry Planter. I'll have hubs build a decorative "slipcover" made of pickets that match our fences over it and have him wait to drill holes until the pickets are in place.

DIY - strawberry to instructions missing. I bet you can figure this out.

bib design recycled - flower pot using pvc pipes

'STACKING': Strawberry Towers are a good way to stack in a lot of plants into a small space -could try this on a balcony.

strawberry pallet- This is an awesome idea just waiting to be implemented into our new vege garden....OH yea....

Vertical Gardening ~ An upcycled industrial-grade bucket can be drilled through the center bottom to serve as an "upside-down" tomato planter, while PVC pipe can be drilled with numerous holes for strawberries or other plants - I like the way they mounted these to the fence posts with pipe strapping and planted bug repelling marigolds in the tops to peek over the fence.

Did you know..... Stones painted as strawberries when put around strawberry plants in the spring will keep birds from eating your berries because the birds will think the ripened berries are stones. Plus..these are super cute and fun for kids!