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coolest thing EVER.


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Spiral Staircase & Slide



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Just looking at this gives me fantasies of having four kiddos running around in this one big room - which would never ever be this clean!

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Bath bowl



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This is a great idea!!



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This would be awesome!

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Fruit neat! Better then a bowl sitting on the counter!

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I believe I have just found my dream home

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Indoor lazy river, perfect.

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my future relaxation tub.


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Slide staircase

Babblefrom Babble

Find out about Indoor Slides: Would You Put One In Your Home?






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My children would have loved this and begged for it. Find out about Indoor Slides: Would You Put One In Your Home?

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Awesome old wood/logo stairs. Originally from here:

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Some really neat ideas!

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Indoor tree house - Would be perfect as a corner book nook for little ones - and me!

Top Dreamerfrom Top Dreamer

15 Amazing Ideas For Your Dream House





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DREAM SHOWER <3 This Multiple Shower Head System | 27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your DreamHome

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not sure why, but I have ALWAYS wanted spiral stairs..& my own library! ;)


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Awesome slide!