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Ritual scarification is used in many tribes in Africa, done by burning, cutting, or making a slight incision to create a prominent scar. Done in patterns, it's used to identify members of certain tribal families. It is also done for social and culture acceptance. Not only done in the men of the tribes, but also to women and children as a coming of age rite of passage. In women it's seen as something beautiful, marks showing they are suitable mothers and wives.

India | Portrait of a Lanjiya Soura tribal woman with traditional piercings and tattoos, smoking a large hand rolled cigarette. Puttasing, Orissa | © Kimberley Coole

South West Ethiopia. The Suri are an ethnic minority tribe that live in South West Ethiopia. Their homeland is remote, located in desolate mountains, without easy access or modern communications. To beautify themselves, the young girls use face paint to create interesting patterns. At they get older, this paint is replaced with body scarring and lip plates.