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Anime Original Female photo 1079458.jpg

Anime Original Female photo 1079458.jpg

Some interesting and very detailed, elaborate hairstyles for female characters.....

8 Braid Hairstyles That Look Awesome. Braid hairstyles are cute and sexy, and are fast becoming a popular trend for celebrities like Jessica Alba and non-celebrities as well. From side braids a


drawing reference on how to draw female hair; how to draw natural looking hairstyles // hair drawing loads of new ideas come to mind looking at this

Female Boss Concept - Pictures & Characters Art - Blade & Soul by Hyung Tae Kim

black_hair blade_&_soul boots breasts drum_magazine eyepatch flat_chest gatling_gun gun hyung_tae_kim long_hair minigun multicolored_hair oversize_forearms platform_footwear pohwaran sideboob solo twintails two-tone_hair very_long_hair weapon white_hair

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Quick 1 hour study I've been so artblocked for the past days, it's just been extremely hard to finish anything xD but it's getting better now yay! I'm planning on opening commissions soon when art block is completely gone ref from