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A member of the ‘Bund Deutscher Mädel’ at a sports day. BDM was an orginasation for German girls ages 14 to 18, in Nazi Germany. Date unknown.

Bund Deutscher Mädel, sport 4

A member of the 'Bund Deutscher Mädel' (English: League of German Girls) at a sports day. BDM was an orginasation for German girls ages 14 to in Nazi Germany. (x-post /r/wwiipics)

Friedrich Seidenstücker, "Untitled", 1930 #Weimar

Friedrich Seidenstücker, "Untitled", 1930 #Weimar

.these wool swimsuits are probably the reason mama's objected to "mixed" swimming.

" Members in bathing suits circa glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection. (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Mermaid Club:

magical-girl-academy:     this-time-for-sure:  Some more cute military lolita things that I’ve come across recently.    yes, please (birthda...

Beautiful military-inspired EGL dress from Taobao shop, Yolanda. A lot of military-inspired fashion gets a lot of grief, but I would love to see anything Lolita in more works of fiction.

In high school, we referred to our gym suits as monkey suits.  Oh, they were ugly.

a blue Gym Suit.the horror of dressing out! Does anyone remember this "cute" little Gym Suit.yuck, yuck, it's gym class in Jr. High, as if I wasn't ugly enough!

Exactly what I want my laundry room to be like. The cabinet colors and counter top and sink and floors!

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