tee-shirt pin for my awesome tee-shirt scarves!

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Since the girls are starting to get into dress up more. . . I think it's time to hit up Savers and make them some of these! http://www.simplysalvage.com/t-shirt-ruffle-scarf-tutorial/

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What to do with the hems left when you cut up your T's for flowers and scarves? Make these flowers with them!

flower fabric headband...a must do on my list now

RicRac flowers


Video on how to make fabric flowers using t-shirts! if you are doing t-shirt scarves, you can take the sleeves and use that fabric to make this.... I'm so on it!!

pretty t-shirt revamp tutorial

Tutorial DIY to make a two tone rosette flower. from The Decorated House

Flower Shop Crochet Patterns

T-shirt Flower DIY Tutorial

lovely rolled flowers tutorial

50 things to do with your Fabric Scraps.

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Tshirt Flowers: Look familiar to all you stampers out there?