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Ravens, Feathers Friends

the crow #bird of paradise|

Crows Ravens: "The #Crow," by J-U-D-A-S, at deviantART.

zoelacchei 17


lightxatz: Raven -Lisa Congdon

Artist's depiction, in ink, of Valkyries in the form of ravens and wolves.

Corvus Albus (African Pied Crow).

Dude looks a lot like my dog. In the wild, wolves and crows (and ravens) are frequently found in each other's company. The crows fly ahead of the wolf pack to locate prey. In exchange, the grateful wolves leave behind a few tasty morsels for the scavenging crows. There is also evidence that the two species simply enjoy being around each other, as wolves and crows are commonly observed exhibiting playful behavior with one another.

/crow bed girl art

Wolf eats crow?


(bake me a blackbird pie)

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Raven Gods Card by Ragen Mendenhall

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