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Megamind -- I've been looking for this conversation FOREVER

lol story of my life

"I didn't invent the turtleneck, Lana. But I was the first to see it's potential as a tactical garment. The Tactical Turtleneck, Lana. The... Tactleneck!" Sterling Archer

Hair Dresser Salon Art Better to Be Late Than to by KeepItFancy, $10.00

How cute are these glasses? Sure to bring a smile, these will make a great gift for any occasion!

I'm glad everyone is having such a delightful day walking slow as fuck in front of me.

Bahahahaha omg

Ace Ventura!

Sad Misunderstood Shark

Michael Scott

Why is this hilarious?

Buddy is me :)

I laughed way too hard at this.

These are so funny cause they are true!


I love this hahahahahaha :)

Being evil takes planning. Hahaha.

this is horrible.... but kind of hilarious

Hahahaha Joey

omg I'm dying

It Looked Like It Needed Some Hair On It

nerd+quirks | Nerd Quirks

no, I don't want you to curl my hair!!

Yeah, if you could tell me whether it's my username or my password that's incorrect... THAT'D BE GREAT.

Charlie Brown gets it!