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"Key and old pocket watch" noooooooooooooo I'm dyyyyingggg why it has to be so beautiful???

vintage floral tin. i want a collection. i've already started.

This may not be considered "art" if you consider the other pieces that we've curated on this board, but one cannot deny that vintage phones have a splendid design element...and isn't that art?

Grandpa Peter watch for the generations...I must write some things about my favorite grandpa...

beautiful watches, all textured patterns, i just love them

the angel is in the details Ladies "pocket" watch circa 1800's, actually worn around the neck.

I developed a passion for watches a long time ago, have quite a collection, and some day I want to do a shadow box with all of them, with a title of "madetyme4", which has special meaning to me.

Vintage Pocket Watch by Teen's, via Flickr

I'm not usually one to post any type of wedding pins (mainly because unless your engaged its creepy) buuutt.......dream ring. Tell my future husband.